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declaration block  2nd 
declarations  2nd  [See also properties]3rd  4th 
deg (degrees) units 
descendant selectors  2nd  3rd 
descendants of elements  2nd  [See also inheritance]
devices, style sheets specific to 
dialog boxes, system font for 
direction of flow  [See flow]
direction property 
display property  2nd  3rd 
    value for lists 
    values for element display roles 
    values for generated content 
    values for tables 
document style sheets  [See embedded style sheets]
Document Type Definition (DTD) 
    aural rendering of  [See aural styles]
    embedding style sheet in 
    file size reduced by CSS 
    height of 
    hierarchy of elements in 
    linking multiple style sheets to 
    linking style sheets to  2nd 
    multiple, linking style sheets to 
    presentation of
        cascade rules and 
        centralization of 
        CSS features for 
        HTML elements for 
    printing  [See print styles]
    slideshow presentation of  [See projection styles]
    structured, benefits of 
    URLs not relative to 
    width of 
double quotes (")
    in font-family declaration 
    in generated content  2nd 
drop shadows for text 
drop-down controls, system font for 
DTD  [See Document Type Definition]
dynamic pseudo-classes 


Cascading Style Sheets
Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design (Wrox Beginning Guides)
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