15.3 Visit our Web site

15.3 Visit our Web site

You can obtain ongoing value from this book by visiting our Web site at www.debuggingbythinking.com.

We guarantee that there are no irritating pop-up ads or other distractions. You can register to have e-mail sent to you when there are major additions to the content, if you so desire.

15.3.1 Download new debugging tools

The Web site contains the latest editions of tools that we produce to help people debug software. For example, the latest version of the root-cause analysis tool demonstrated in Chapter 11 can be found on our site. It is written in Java and will run on any platform with a Java Runtime Environment installed on it.

The Web site also contains links to or copies of open software produced by other people that we consider valuable. For example, there are links to the open-source tools mentioned in Chapter 14.

15.3.2 Springboard to other sites

The Web site also contains links to a variety of other sites that provide information, methods, or tools useful in debugging and related phases of software development. For example, there are links to the Web sites of the vendors who sell the commercial tools mentioned in Chapter 14.

15.3.3 Read reviews of other publications

It wasn’t possible to put all the bibliographic information developed for this book into the hard copy. The Web site includes expanded reviews of books about debugging, as well as abstracts and reviews of academic papers about debugging.

Obviously, the book is static and the Web site is dynamic. We update the Web site regularly with reviews of the latest publications related to debugging.

15.3.4 Contact the author

You can contact the author through the Web site. I would be delighted to hear about how you debug software, how this book helped you, or how this book or the Web site can be improved.

Debugging by Thinking. A Multidisciplinary Approach
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