Saving Searches as Collections

If you perform the same search often, you can save that search as a collection so that it appears in the Collection section of the Favorites pane. A collection is based on the metadata in an image, so be aware that a collection can change if you change the metadata in your imagesit's a saved search, not a static file list. For example, if you create a collection that retrieves all four-star images in a certain folder, and then you decide that some four-star images are actually three-star images, you'll see fewer images in that collection the next time you open it.

To create a collection:


Do a Find for the criteria you want in the collection.


In the Find Results window, click Save as Collection (Figure 7.4).

Figure 7.4.


If you want the collection to run on the folder in which you originally created the collection, disable the Start Search From Current Folder checkbox (Figure 7.5). If the checkbox is enabled, the collection performs its search on the last folder you viewed in that browser window, not the folder you originally used for the selection.

Figure 7.5.


Click Save.

To open a collection:


In the Favorites tab, or in the Favorites section of the pop-up menu at the top of a browser window, select Collections.


Double-click the collection you want to open.

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