This chapter provided numerous hands-on activities to get you started down the path of customizing your Plone site. Using the Zope Management Interface for the majority of the customization, you learned how to work with standard slots and tabs, and how to create and modify the text and placement of custom slots and tabs. You were introduced to the concepts of creating custom copies of standard template elements, such as a logo and other image assets. In the last section of this chapter, you were briefed on the differences among internationalization, localization, and just simple translations. You also installed the PloneLanguageTool in anticipation of configuring a localized Plone site.

In the next chapter, you'll spend the majority of the time working with Plone skins and related elements. You'll learn how to create your own skin and develop a display appropriate to the content architecture of your site.

Plone Content Management Essentials
Plone Content Management Essentials
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