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php essentials, second edition
PHP Essentials, Second Edition
by Julie C. Meloni ISBN:1931841349
Premier Press 2003 (326 pages)

This text serves as an introduction to the PHP scripting language and provides real-world examples of common uses--from downloading, installing and configuring a Web server with PHP, to creating dynamic content via database interfaces and more.

Table of Contents
PHP Essentials, Second Edition
Chapter 1 - Getting Started with PHP
Chapter 2 - Basic PHP Techniques
Chapter 3 - Working with Databases
Chapter 4 - Creating and Populating Database Tables
Chapter 5 - User Authentication
Chapter 6 - User Tracking and Session Management
Chapter 7 - Advanced PHP Techniques: Web-Based Database Administration
Chapter 8 - Advanced PHP Techniques: Working with Images
Chapter 9 - Advanced PHP Techniques: Working with XML
Appendix A - Essential PHP Language Reference
Appendix B - Getting Support
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PHP Essentials
PHP Essentials, 2nd Edition
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