Chapter 5. Working with Blogger Templates


29 Understanding the Blogger Template Structure and Editor

30 Identifying Elements in the Blogger Template Source

31 Defining and Implementing Custom Styles

32 Understanding the Blogger Template Language

33 Implementing a Third-Party Template in Blogger

Although Blogger provides more than 30 different templates that you can apply to your blog, there will come a time when you want to customize something within your standard Blogger template. This customization could be as simple as removing the placeholder links that appear in new Blogger templates. Or you might want to change something in your style sheet, such as the font size of the text within your posts. Or you might want to add images within a sidebar area. All of these actionsand morecan be performed by editing your template via the Blogger template editor, which is found under the Template tag in the Blogger management interface.

The topics in this chapter will familiarize you with the general structure of a Blogger template and how this single template controls the appearance of your blog main page, archive page, and post pages. You'll also learn some tips for implementing a completely customized Blogger template; that is, one not provided by Blogger but created by either you or a third-party template designer.

If your blog is meant to be your personal online presence, it stands to reason that you should be able to customize it however you see fitthe topics in this chapter are meant to give you the basic knowledge to do just that.


All topics in this chapter assume that you are familiar with navigating around the Blogger management interface.

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