Section 26. Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Flickr

26. Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Flickr


28 Other Methods for Inserting Images into Posts

Flickr is a popular online photo management application with both free and paid accounts. Account holders have numerous tools at their disposal, as well as the abilities to browse and comment on other users' photos and to set privacy levels and copyrights. Learn more online at

Flickr users can register their blog details and create a seamless process for posting photos from Flickr to Blogger using Flickr's Blog This tool. To associate your Blogger-based blog with your Flickr account, first log in to Flickr, go to the Account page, and follow the link to Your Blog. Click the Set Up a New Blog link. The first question asks your blogging platform (Blogger), and the second question asks you to enter your Blogger username and password. Using your username and password, Flickr retrieves a list of the blogs associated with your account. If you have more than one blog, you are asked to select the specific blog you want to set up at this time. You can associate as many blogs as you have with your Flickr account, but you must go through the setup process for each blog. After selecting a blog, you are asked to confirm the blog details before saving the information in your Flickr account.

After you have at least one blog associated with your Flickr account, you can seamlessly post photos from Flickr to Blogger by using the Blog This tool, as shown in the following steps:


Click Blog This

When browsing photos on Flickreither yours or someone else'sone of the tools available to you is Blog This. As you find an image you want to blog about, click the Blog This link on the photo's page.


Select a Blog

Clicking the Blog This link invokes a drop-down list containing the names of blogs associated with your account. Select the name of a blog to continue, or click Cancel to end the Blog This process.

26. Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Flickr


Enter a Title

After you select the target blog for your post, Flickr presents you with a basic post creation form. Enter a title, which will become the title of your post.


Compose Your Post

Enter the text of your post. You may hand-code HTML into the textarea. If you typically rely on the Blogger editor in Compose mode, remember that you can edit the post after it has been published. Enter minimal text at this time and then go back and use the Blogger editor in Compose mode if you need help with the HTML coding.


Click the Post Entry Button

When you are ready to post, click the Post Entry button. The Flickr form connects to the Blogger interface and publishes your post, all without leaving the Flickr site.


Receive Confirmation of a Successful Post

If your post has been successfully published, you will see a confirmation. If an error has occurred, you will be told the reason for the error and given the opportunity to try again.


Go to Your Blog

After publishing your post, follow the Take a Look at Your Blog link to view the newly published post. You can also return to the photo page and continue navigating within Flickr.


Verify the Post Contents and Image Alignment

Go to your blog and verify that the Flickr image and post text are just as they should be. If you need to make changes, simply edit your post via the Blogger interface and republish it.

Whether you upload your own photo or someone else's, part of the standard Flickr-posted content will be the name of the image and the linked name of the image owner. This is akin to giving credit where credit is due and should be kept in your blog post, especially when you are not the original owner of the image.


Flickr also provides HTML for inserting an image in your blog post if you decide not to use the direct-to-blog interface. To get this HTML, click the All Sizes icon when viewing an image. Under the image you will see a simple URL, which you can then place in an <img/> tag, and a chunk of HTML that you can paste in its entirety in your blog post.


Additional blog-related settings in Flickr can be found by going to your account page and selecting Your Blogs. There you can set default image placement for all your uploaded photos, among other things.

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