Key Points

  • Common ways of organizing data in Project include sorting, grouping, and filtering. In all cases Project never deletes the data; it just changes how it is displayed.

  • Project includes many built-in sort orders, groupings, and filters, and you can create your own.

  • Whereas sorting and filtering rearrange or selectively show only some data in a project plan, grouping adds summary values or “roll-ups” of values such as costs, based on whatever interval you choose.

  • Tables are the primary elements of most views in Project. Project includes several built-in tables, and you can create your own.

  • You work with data in Project via views. Views may contain tables, groups, filters, and in some cases graphical charts. The Gantt Chart view, for example, consists of a table on the left and a timescaled chart on the right.

  • Project contains many built-in views, and you can create your own.

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