The method by which a project incurs the cost of a task or a resource. The three types of accrual are start, prorated, and end.


The details about task completion recorded in a Project plan. Prior to recording actuals, the project plan contains scheduled or planned information. Comparing planned project information to actuals helps the project manager better control project execution.


An earned value indicator; the acronym stands for Actual Cost of Work Performed. In earned value analysis, this is the actual costs of tasks that have been completed (or the portion completed of each) by the status date.

allocationThe portion of the capacity of a resource devoted to work on a specific task.


The matching of a work resource (a person or a piece of equipment) to a task. You can also assign a material resource to a task, but those resources have no effect on work or duration.


A quick way to view in a table only the task or resource information that meets the criteria you choose. To turn on AutoFilter, on the Project menu, point to Filtered For <filter name>, and then click AutoFilter. To filter a table with AutoFilter, click the arrow next to a column heading, and choose the criteria you want.

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