Strategy 4: Develop Dynamic Delivery


Speeches are like babies: Easy to conceive, hard to deliver.

—Pat O'Malley, author

The speech sounded very much like an economics lecture. It had no oratorical eloquence, and did not use many stories, jokes or illustrative references to give the speech human interests. You couldn't do much worse than that, could you? The speech was the first of a young orator named John F. Kennedy.

Many presenters overprepare on content and underprepare on delivery while others have little content but great delivery. Master Presenters find the ideal balance between the two. In this chapter, we will look at 13 techniques to help you develop a dynamic delivery:

  1. Avoid hackneyed openings.

  2. Use powerful language.

  3. Make your presentation flow.

  4. Add suspense to your storytelling.

  5. Use props to add impact to your presentation.

  6. Use drama to enhance your presentation.

  7. Use the pause that brings applause.

  8. Use humor appropriately.

  9. Harness the power of experiential exercises.

  10. Consider role-playing.

  11. Use action learning.

  12. Prepare for questions.

  13. Develop endings with impact.

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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