Appendix C: Sales Manager Assessment

The following questionnaire is designed to help you assess this person’s sales leadership. Please answer each question by circling the number that best represents your response. For each question, indicate the extent to which this person actually uses the skill described in the statement. Please keep in mind the following:

  • N means “Not applicable”

  • 1 means “Not at all”

  • 4 means “To some extent”

  • 7 means “To a very great extent”

Please feel free to use numbers between those described to accurately indicate the level of skill use. If a skill does not apply to your organization, circle N.

The questionnaire is divided into six sections. In each section, look through the items and select the one where you feel this person needs to improve the most. For this item, place an “X” in the column marked “Area Needing the Most Improvement.”

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In this example, the answer indicates that, in your opinion, the extent to which this person observes sales calls, models sales skills, and provides one-on-one coaching is between “To some extent” and “To a very great extent.” Furthermore, you feel that observing sales calls, modeling sales skills, and providing oneon-one coaching is the area in which this person needs the most improvement.

As you answer each item:

  • Think about the behavior and attitudes of this person. It might help to reflect on specific experiences.

  • Give your first impression when answering. Don’t spend a lot of time on any one item.

  • Be frank. Your responses are completely confidential. We want your candid responses to each of these questions.

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