At the Shoot

Prop stylists organize the delivery of props to and from the shoot, as well as build or oversee the construction of the set. At the shoot, the prop stylist prepares the set for each shot, assisting the photographer and food stylist in the placement and arrangement of all the visual elements. In addition, the prop stylist helps maintain an organized flow of the shoot. As you can imagine, good communication and camaraderie between the photographer, food stylist, and prop stylist is the best recipe for success!

After the food is on the set, the prop stylist should stay nearby in case items need to be changed or moved to create a totally harmonious image. When the photographer and client are happy with the set, then the prop stylist should begin preparing for the next shot. After the shoot is completed, the prop stylist must clean and repackage all props, and handle the return of rented or borrowed items. If room sets were built, the prop stylist dismantles them, stores them in the studio, or returns them.


The stylist must organize all receipts for returns and client billing. Keeping peel-and-stick labels and a good marker on hand to place on packages or bags when using messengers is a good practice. After completing all the returns, the prop stylist calculates the final cost of props for the client's invoice.

Digital Food Photography
Digital Food Photography
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