Locating Props

Props may be available in the photographer's studio, or may come from the stylist's own collection. Depending on the budget and requirements of the shoot, the stylist may purchase new props such as napkins, dishware, and glasses, which can be used on the shoot and in other projects for that photographer or client. Other props, such as a large coffee urn that would not be used again, might be rented. The same is true for large surface and background materials, such as tabletops, chairs, wall units, and other decorative items. Many large cities boast prop houses that cater to professional photographers and stylists for just this purpose. Consignment and antique shops, as well as other local retail shops, are other good prop sources, even for rentals. Weekly rental fees typically run 2030 percent of the item's retail price.


Stylists should keep track of the props used with specific shots because it is sometimes possible to use the same prop in another shot, thereby saving time and money. For example, a platter on which food is featured in one shot might be used as a background prop in another.

Digital Food Photography
Digital Food Photography
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