Chapter 5. Framework for Deployment

Introducing RFID Deployment Framework 78

Identify Business Problem 80

Define and Pilot Solution 84

Build and Deploy Solution 89

Sustain and Improve 93

Knowledge Base 95

Summary 97

Five Questions This Chapter Will Answer

  • How do I start an RFID project in a systematic way?

  • What deliverables should I look for at the end of each step?

  • What are the key pitfalls to avoid at each step?

  • How do I scope my project and select the right pilot?

  • What did other companies in my situation do to deploy RFID (that is, what are some real-life examples)?

You have seen examples of how RFID can help a business, learned about the history of RFID technology, and reviewed the components of an RFID system. You have also reviewed key RFID standards and learned how you can leverage them to build a robust RFID solution. Now it is time to answer the next question: "What steps do you take to deploy RFID in your company?"

Successful deployment of RFID technology in an enterprise requires thorough understanding of the business problem, careful planning, and optimal organizational capability to execute on the plan. An ad-hoc approach to deploying RFID is not likely to yield optimal benefits. In fact, it can distract an enterprise from its goals and harm the business. In this chapter, we will cover the following:

  • Lay out a framework that shows how an enterprise decision maker can understand the problem, evaluate potential solutions from short-term and long-term risk/reward points of view, and carry out a successful implementation.

  • Provide real-world examples to clarify the points.


Many of the examples provided in this chapter, Chapter 6, "Organizational Mobilization," and Chapter 7, "Cost-Benefit Analysis," are derived from real-life case studies based on interviews with industry practitioners like you. Details on some of these case studies are provided in Appendix A for your reference.

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