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Pocket PC Network Programming
By Steve Makofsky
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Pub Date: July 11, 2003
ISBN: 0-321-13352-8
Pages: 656
      About This Book
      Intended Audience for This Book
      System Requirements
      Organization of This Book
      For Updated Information
      Frequently Asked Questions
    Chapter 1.  Winsock
      A Quick Look at TCP/IP
      Winsock Basics
      Streaming (TCP) Sockets
      Connectionless (UDP) Sockets
      TCP versus UDP: What Should Your App Use?
      Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
      Socket Options
      Support Functions
      IP Multicasting
    Chapter 2.  WinInet
      Windows Internet Overview (WinInet)
      Using WinInet
      Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP and HTTPS)
      File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    Chapter 3.  Internet Protocol Helper APIs
      Network Adapters and Configuration
      IP Addresses
      Address Resolution Protocol Information (ARP)
      Network Layer Protocol Statistics
      Transport Layer Protocol Statistics
      Route Tables
      Network Event Notification
    Chapter 4.  Network Redirector
      Pocket PC and Windows Networking
      Mapping Network Resources
      Using Network Resources
    Chapter 5.  Using Serial and Infrared Ports
      Serial Communications
      Serial Communication Cables
    Chapter 6.  Remote Access Service
      Remote Access Overview
      Remote Access Phonebook
      Remote Access Devices
      Establishing a RAS Connection
      Connection Management
      The Remote Network Access (RNA) Dialer
    Chapter 7.  Connection Manager
      Understanding the Connection Manager
      Establishing and Maintaining Connections
      Connection Service Providers and Proxies
      Scheduled Connections
    Chapter 8.  Pocket PC Phone Edition
      Phone API
      SIM Manager
      Short Message Service (SMS)
    Chapter 9.  Desktop Synchronization
      The ActiveSync Manager
      Remote API (RAPI)
      CEUtil Helper APIs
      File Conversion (File Filters)
      Synchronization Service Providers
      Desktop Connection Notifications
    Chapter 10.  Pocket Outlook Object Model
      The Pocket Outlook Object Model
      The IPOutlookApp Interface
      Working with Time Zones
      Pocket Outlook Folders
      Outlook Data Collections
      Outlook Items
      Creating Pocket Outlook Plug-ins
    Chapter 11.  E-mail
      MAPI Overview
      Working with MAPI Objects and Data Types
      MAPI Session Handling
      Working with Message Stores
      MAPI Folders
      Common Tasks with MAPI
      MAPI Notifications
    Chapter 12.  The .NET Compact Framework
      Networking with the Compact Framework
      Winsock and .NET
      Internet Protocols and the .NET Pluggable Protocol Model
      Consuming Web Services
      Pocket PC and P/Invoke

Pocket PC Network Programming
Pocket PC Network Programming
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