Chapter 2. The Plan: From Idea to Design

The Design Process

Points to Remember

If you are at all like me, then you may have at one time opened up Macromedia Flash and just started making a game. Maybe you had a vague idea of what you wanted the game to do, or maybe you made it up as you went along. This shows that you have a strong creative side and are probably good at developing ideas but it is not a very good approach to designing a game. With this design-as-you-go approach, you are sure to encounter problems. I have been in this situation before and always ended up wishing that I had planned for certain things in advance.

That's how I came to learn the hard way that you have to have a plan. Yes, tedious as it may seem, that's the big secret. A plan will help you identify possible problems ahead of time and anticipate steps for avoiding or solving them before they ever come up.

In this chapter we'll discuss one game-design process that can help you structure your ideas and build your game intelligently and efficiently. This simple design process will help you plan for every part of the game. (Of course, I don't claim that this is the only way things should be done there are many equally effective processes out there. This just happens to be the one that works best for me!)


I use the word design here to encompass everything about your plan, including your idea, your code, the graphical elements of your game the whole works.

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