Chapter 11: Understanding the Hidden Dissatisfaction of Users Toward End User Computing

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Nancy C. Shaw, George Mason University, USA

Joo-Eng Lee-Partridge, Central Connecticut State University, USA

James S.K. Ang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

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The objective of this research is to examine satisfied and dissatisfied end users in an organization to determine if they hold different technological frames of reference towards end user computing (EUC). This research examines the effectiveness of the computer systems at the organization, while at the same time measuring the level of end user satisfaction with the EUC environment. Grounded theory techniques for qualitative analysis of interviews were used to assess the technological frames of reference of selected highly satisfied and highly dissatisfied users. While analysis of the satisfaction surveys alone indicated that the user population was generally satisfied with their EUC environment, follow-up interviews and service quality gap analysis highlighted several individual support areas that required remedial action. In addition, satisfied and dissatisfied users held different views or technological frames of reference towards the technology they used. Their frames of reference affected their expectations of the technology, their interactions with the MIS support staff, and their utilization of the technology on a day-to-day basis.

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