Section A.9. ColdFusion Ajax Frameworks

A.9. ColdFusion Ajax Frameworks

A.9.1. AjaxCFC

AjaxCFC ( is a ColdFusion framework meant to speed up Ajax application development and deployment by providing developers seamless integration between JavaScript and ColdFusion. It also provides built-in functions that quickly adapt to any type of environment, security, and help overcoming cross-browser compatibility problems. It contains:

  • ColdFusion components following the best practices of object-oriented programming and design patterns. Programming with AjaxCFC involves extending components and creating your own Ajax facades.

  • Restricted open source license (free to use in any context but not redistributable) by Rob Gonda.

A.9.2. JSMX (from August 2005)

JSMX ( is a very simple Ajax implementation for ColdFusion developers (or for any language that can easily build JavaScript Strings). This API does not return XML but String representations of JavaScript expressions.

  • Smaller packet sizes over the wire (JavaScript versus XML).

  • Reduced latency due to less parsing of the responses.

  • Parameters can be sent to the server in multiple formats including strings, objects, and entire forms without having to build extra logic to handle each type.

  • API has no server-side components, which makes it more portable (planned).

  • Extremely simple syntax shortens the learning curve and speeds up development:

     params = document.myForm; http( "POST" , "remote.cfc?method=dosomething", my_callback, params ); 

  • Open source license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike) by Todd Kingham.

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