Chapter 11. Monitoring Network SystemsProcesses and Resources

Chapter 11. Monitoring Network Systems Processes and Resources

This chapter is geared toward analyzing the processes and resources in the IOS-based router hardware and Catalyst series switches with respect to performance and fault/error management. We first look at performance variables and then identify the fault and error management variables that apply to these systems. This analysis specifically looks at objects and values relating to the following:

  • CPU usage

  • Backplane utilization

  • Memory

  • Buffers

We apply and correlate the appropriate MIBs, CLI commands, traps, and syslog messages with these variables. Specific correlations are drawn under each section between the different MIB objects, CLI output, SNMP traps, and syslog messages. There are certain objects and values that can only be collected either by an SNMP MIB or by a CLI command, not both. These data points are identified. After reading this chapter, you should have a good understanding of what to monitor, when to monitor, and how to monitor these different components in Cisco devices.

This chapter includes the following topics:

  • An overview of processor characteristics

  • Performance data relevant to router processors

  • Performance data relevant to switch processors

  • Error and fault data relevant to router processors

  • Error and fualt data relevant to switch processors

Performance and Fault Management
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