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    cabling systems  2nd 
labeling:cable runs
    wiring closets:cable runs:labeling 
late collisions 
Layer-3 auto discovery routines
    auto-discovery routines
        devices:auto-discovery routines;network devices:auto-discovery routines;equipment:auto-discovery rou 
leaks (memory):MIB variables
    MIB variables:memory leaks
        memory:leaks:MIB variables 
lexicographical ordering
    OIDs:lexicographical ordering
        sorting:OIDs:lexicographical order 
LIFO (Last-In, First-Out)
limitations:statistical modeling
    statistical modeling:limitation
        restrictions:statistical modeling 
    transmission speed
link status 
linkDown notification (SNMP) 
linkDown trap 
linkDown traps
    RFC 2233:linkDown traps
        SNMP:traps:linkDown;RFC 1157:linkUp/linkDown traps 
linkUp notification (SNMP) 
linkUp trap 
local7 facility (syslog)  2nd 
log files
        event delivery 
log files:collecting
    log files:normalizing
        collecting:log files;normalizing:log files 
logging:syslog messaging
    devices:syslog messaging
        syslog messaging;messaging:syslog;configuring:syslog messaging  2nd 
logging:syslog messaging:timestamps
    devices:syslog messaging:timestamps
        syslog messaging:timestamps;messaging:syslog:timestamps;configuring:syslog messaging:timestamps;time 
logical connectivity maps
    mapping:networks:logical connectivity maps
        networks:mapping:logical connectivity maps 
logical constructs
    devices:logical constructs
        NAS:logical constructs;remote access:NAS:logical constructs;dialup networking:NAS:logical constructs  2nd 
logical interfaces:affect on interfaces group
    virtual interfaces:affect on interfaces group 
logical ports
    physical ports
        ports:logical;ports:physical;devices:ports:logical;devices:ports:physical;VLANs:logical ports;VLANs:  2nd 
logical ports:calculating
    ports:logical:calculating  2nd 
lognormal distribution:hardware failure rates
    devices:failure rates:lognormal distribution
        failure rates:lognormal distribution;exponential distribution:hardware failure rates 
lognormal distributions 
loopback interfaces
loopback0 interfaces:syslog messages:source tracking
    tracking:syslog messages:source IP address
        syslog messages:source, tracking;routers:syslog messages:source, tracking  2nd 
LS1010 switches:traffic statistics
    Catalyst 8500 switches:traffic statistics  2nd 

Performance and Fault Management
Performance and Fault Management: A Practical Guide to Effectively Managing Cisco Network Devices (Cisco Press Core Series)
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