StripLSD( )

StripLSD( ) Strips the specified number of trailing (least significant) digits from the current extension

 StripLSD(   count   ) 

Strips the trailing count digits from the channel's associated extension and continues processing at the next priority for the resulting extension. So, for example, if priority 1 of extension 5551212 is StripLSD(4) , the last 4 digits will be stripped from 5551212 and the next step executed will be priority 2 of extension 555. If you switch into an extension that has no priority n +1 (where n is the current priority), the PBX will treat it as though the user dialed an invalid extension.

Always returns .

This application is deprecated and has been replaced with the substring expression ${EXTEN: X : Y } .

  exten => 5551212,1,StripLSD(4)  exten => 555,2,SayDigits(${EXTEN})     ; a better way of doing the same thing     exten => 5551234,1,SayDigits(${EXTEN::3}) 

See Also

StripMSD( ) , README. variables , variable substring syntax

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