Section 1.3. XAML Development Resources

1.3. XAML Development Resources

XAML can be developed in myriad ways. XAML can be written in any text editor. For example, all the code included in this book was written in Notepad and then compiled using MSBuild.

There are much easier ways to develop a XAML user interface, however, and most of them involve a visual layout tool. There are several third-party tools, as well as tools from Microsoft that support XAML. Some are focused on only one aspect of XAML, such as development of 3-D interfaces, while others are more generally applicable. Some popular tools available as of this writing include:

Electric Rain ZAM D XAML Tool (

A tool that supports visual development of 3-D interface elements for XAML.

Xamlon Pro and XAML Converter (

Xamlon Pro supports development of XAML user interfaces in a visual environment. XAML Converter converts other formats to XAML.


An open source project dedicated to XAML development. Includes a mailing list and forums focused on discussion of XAML and the sharing of tips, tricks, and techniques.

Mobiform Aurora XAML Editor (

A visual editor for XAML from Mobiform.

XamlViewer (

A visual editor for XAML that integrates into Visual Studio 2005.


A simple, real-time visual editor for XAML. XamlPad does not support visual layout of elements, but it does offer a visual representation, in real time, of XAML elements. XamlPad is included in the WinFX SDK.

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WinFX

Tools that include XAML Intellisense support through schema extensions for the editor and project templates for the WPF, the Windows Communication Foundation (formerly known as "Indigo"), and WinFX SDK documentation integration. These tools do not include a graphical design surface for either the WPF or the Windows Communication Foundation.

Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer (formerly "Sparkle") (

A forthcoming Microsoft visual-design tool for developing WinFX applications.

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