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This IBM Redbook is focused on architecting and building WebSphere Portal Server-based Dynamic Workplaces. It addresses the needs of SWG Architects, Business Partners, and customers for building skills in architecting solutions by identifying themes that can be applied across multiple SWG Industry Solutions. This includes using e-business infrastructure solutions maps that apply across multiple industries: for example, the On Demand Workplace solution, the e-business integration stack from SWG that provides capabilities for integrating the enterprise based on both business and technology drivers, and the IBM® Patterns for e-business from SWG that provide the basis for understanding the best practices for supporting e-business integration. This redbook provides real examples of industry-specific Dynamic Workplace solutions from leading Solution Developers and Systems Integrators working within the IBM on demand strategy. It also includes information on how to use IBM software capabilities to fulfill customer requirements using WebSphere, Lotus, Rational, Tivoli, and Data Management products, how portals are used in various industries, and how this investment can lead a customer towards becoming an e-business on demand.

Over the last four years, many top architects in this community have successfully exploited the Patterns for e-business and TeAMethod because they intuitively understood the way to fit these together. We now recognize that we can help all architects by making the linkage more explicit—and in doing so we have realized we can add one or two more work products to the Patterns deliverables to increase everyone's asset reuse when building a proposal using TeAMethod.

We also plan to propagate these ideas to your colleagues in IBM Global Services so that Global Services method practitioners also get a more explicit linkage to the Patterns or other reusable assets.

Please continue to give us feedback on your successes and challenges in applying this approach. The Software Architects Skills Board is committed to continuing to improve the combination of TeAMethod and the Patterns for e-business.


Jonathan Adams, author, Patterns for e-business, and Distinguished Engineer, SWG Technical Strategy


The use of "to architect" and "architecting" as verbs are emerging in the field to address the limitations imposed by the verbs "design" and "build" to capture what architects do. In this redbook, the word "architecting" is used to describe all of the activities that architects perform to develop a solution, including understanding the customers' environment, understanding and defining the requirements, analyzing the system, designing the solution, and managing the solution development process.

The team that wrote this redbook

This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center.

Mahesh Dodani is an e-business architect with IBM Software Group. His primary interests are in enabling individuals and organizations to tackle complex e-business industry solutions. He can be reached at <>.

Gary Craig is president of Superlative Software Solutions, Inc., where his roles include senior consultant specializing in technical enablement, training, and mentoring for J2EE development and deployment as well as IBM WebSphere® brand products and technology. Gary holds an MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and taught at Syracuse University. He is a senior member of the IEEE and co-authored Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere [1] and An Introduction to Web Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio. [2] Dr. Craig can be reached at <>.

Rob Cutlip is a software and solutions architect with the IBM Software Group based in Research Triangle Park, NC. He has spent the last seven years building integrated industry solutions. An author and inventor, Rob has 15 years of experience in both technical and managerial positions with Fortune 500 companies. He is co-author with John Medicke of Integrated Solutions with DB2. [3]

Rob Rowe is a senior IT Specialist for IBM Global Services, currently focusing on cross-brand industry solutions demonstrations and technical enablement. In addition to software development of numerous applications and demonstrations, he has created IBM courses consisting of both lecture and laboratory exercises and has written certification exams for WebSphere products. He is responsible for the IBM ServeRAID Raid Array Controller running on UNIX and Linux platforms. Prior to joining IBM, he held many different positions, including a technical instructor and course developer, a software developer for a large computer corporation, a consultant focusing on software development and writing technical material, and a manager of a development, test, and qualification organization dealing with storage products running on numerous UNIX platforms. He resides in Raleigh, NC.

Dawn R.H. Smith is an IT Specialist within IBM Global Services specializing in developing WebSphere applications. She is currently responsible for creating portable, cross-brand solutions for various industries. Through collaboration with different organizations (ODSC, GeSC, SWG, etc.), these solutions are used to demonstrate IBM's ability to solve real-world business problems. These demonstrations are used for sales and technical enablement. Her prior experience spans a variety of roles and technologies. She played a critical role in the development and education world-wide for IBM's Project Management certification application. She has also contributed to SWG's Architecting Portal Solutions course, as well as delivering numerous development solutions utilizing WebSphere.

Anup Chandran is an AIM Specialist at IBM Business Partner Galaxia. He received his Bachelors in Engineering from Mysore University, India in 1995. He has a Diploma in Business Management from Goa Institute of Management, India. His career began as a software developer and progressed into various roles such as coordinator, technical sales support, and analyst. He has been with Galaxia for the last two years, primarily involved in developing enterprise workflow solutions using IBM products for various automotive and aerospace companies. His expertise lies in business process analysis and modeling. You can reach him at <>.

Driss Moutayakine has over eight years' experience in the aerospace and automotive industry, having worked for Daimler Chrysler, Dassault Systèmes, EDS, ENOVIA, Lockheed Martin, and IBM. He has made presentations to many customer forums in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Driss holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnique School of Montreal. For the past two years, he has managed ePCM product development and strategy for Galaxia. He is IBM-certified and has received project management training from the Project Management Institute.

Terry Ulmer is an IT Architect with IBM Global Services Americas. He is a 22-year IBM veteran specializing in enterprise-level solutions using Web technologies. Recently, he architected and led development of the Integrated Operator Interface, a strategic portal solution currently in use at IBM's Microelectronics Semiconductor Fabricators worldwide, including the new 300 mm fab in East Fishkill, NY. Currently, Terry is technical lead for IBM Electronic Service Agent for xSeries® and Netfinity®. He can be reached at <>.

Manoj Pal is a certified Enterprise Architect and holds varied technical certifications including OOAD/UML, WebSphere Application Server, EJB, Java, and DB2 Specialist as Administrator/Developer/User. He is currently working in WebSphere Business Component development and with the San Francisco Java Framework team in the IBM Software Lab of India. His focus in recent years has been Web services, EJB Business Components and Frameworks, EAI, and Portals. Manoj has more than ten years of experience, including working in Process Industry, stand-alone to n-tier distributed business applications, 16-bit DOS to AS/400, and VB to J2EE. Manoj can be reached at <> or <>.

Editorial staff

Buck Stearns of ITSO Raleigh served as managing editor.

Cecilia Bardy of ITSO Raleigh served as executive editor.

Linda Robinson of ITSO Raleigh served as graphics editor.


Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project:

Gary McGibbon, Senior Manager, ISV and Developer Relations, IBM Software Group, RTP, NC

Dave Coffman, Technology Manager, ISV and Developer Relations, IBM Software Group, RTP, NC

Greg Labows, Technology Manager, ISV and Developer Relations, IBM Software Group, RTP, NC

Bernie Clark, ENOVIA Product Marketing, Industrial Sector EMEA, IBM UK, Glasgow

Larry Carvalho, Market Segment Manager, Software Solutions for Automotive, Industry Market Management, IBM Software Group, Cincinnati, OH

Jonathan Adams, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Software Group Technical Strategy, Cheshire, UK

Sew Bun Foong, Manager, IBM ASEAN Consulting IT Architects, Singapore

Kanumury Radhesh, Software IT Architect, IBM India

[1]Addison-Wesley, October 2003 (ISBN 0-321185-79-X)

[2]MC Press, October 2003 (ISBN 1-931182-11-6)

[3]Addison-Wesley, November 2003 (ISBN 0-201754-85-1)

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