Part 2: Extending Portal Solutions with IBM Business Partners

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Chapter 5: Galaxia and the on Demand Workplace

Part Overview

Building complex e-business on demand solutions will not be possible without extensive cooperation with hardware and software industry leaders, IBM Business Partners, and customers. It is common practice for IBM to work with its large set of business partners to plan, design, deploy, and maintain these complex solutions for customers. The key to making this collaboration work effectively is to ensure that the same methodologies, best practices, and reusable assets are shared and used by all the communities within the development ecosystem.

Part 2 of the redbook showcases how business partner Galaxia extended the approach to architecting portal solutions articulated in Part 1 to incorporate its solutions and offerings in conjunction with IBM. This chapter provides a blueprint for other business partners who want to include their solutions effectively with IBM and also to leverage reusable assets and best practices in building solutions.

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Architecting Portal Solutions
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