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architecting portal solutions
Architecting Portal Solutions
by Anup Chandran et al. ISBN:0738498645
IBM Redbooks 2003 (502 pages)

This IBM Redbook is focused on architecting and building WebSphere Portal Server-based Dynamic Workplaces. It addresses the needs of SWG Architects, Business Partners, and customers for building skills in architecting solutions.

Table of Contents
Architecting Portal Solutions
Part 1 - A Best Practice Guide to Architecting Portal Solutions
Chapter 1- Overview
Chapter 2- Portal Solutions
Chapter 3- A Recommended Approach to Architecting Portal Solutions
Chapter 4- Architecting on Demand Workplace Solutions
Part 2 - Extending Portal Solutions with IBM Business Partners
Chapter 5- Galaxia and the on Demand Workplace
Part 3 - Appendixes
Appendix A- E-Business on Demand
Appendix B- Using WebSphere Portal
Related Publications
Abbreviations and Acronyms
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List of Tables
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Architecting Portal Solutions
Architecting Portal Solutions: Applications Development
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