Chapter 6. Viewing and Printing Worksheets

  • Controlling Your View

  • Printing

Last chapter gave you the tools you need to create multiple tables, worksheets, and workbooks. While this is all well and goodand absolutely essential, depending on what you plan to use Excel forthese features can quickly bury you in an avalanche of data. If you want to see more than one part of the workbook at once, or if you want an overview of the entire worksheet, you have to seize control of Excel's viewing features.

These features include zooming (which lets you magnify cells or just fit more information into your Excel window), panes (which let you see more than one part of a worksheet at once), and freezing (which lets you keep certain cells visible at all times). This chapter teaches you how to use these features, store a custom view, and even save a workspace (a configuration that lets you edit multiple files in one window).

No matter what your worksheets look like on a screen, sometimes the best way to review them is in print. The second half of this chapter tackles printing your worksheets. You'll learn Excel's basic printing options and a few tricks that can help you preview page breaks and make sure Excel divides large amounts of data the way you want.

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Excel 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual
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