Chapter 1. Preparing for the Web

The Web's an exciting place. Every day, it chews through millions of financial transactions, serves up late-breaking news and scandalous rumors, and provides a thriving meeting place for every type of community, from political anarchists to Beanie Baby collectors.

Since you're reading this book, you've probably decided to move in and join the Web. Congratulations! Just as you need to prepare when it's time to find a home in the real world, you'll also need to undertake some basic planning before you can make the move to your new online neighborhood. In this chapter, you'll get a good look at the Web and what it takes to establish your own Web site. You'll also learn how the Web really works (behind the scenes), and what ingredients you need to build your site.

Creating Web Sites. The Missing Manual
Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual
ISBN: B0057DA53M
Year: 2003
Pages: 135

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