Part 2: Network Infrastructure

Part 2

Part 2 contains most of the information that relates to the Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure portion of the 70-240 exam. This includes various network protocols and services. The chapters in this part primarily use Windows 2000 Server during the various hands-on practices and exercises, which is why the first chapter in this part installs Windows 2000 Server. However, much of the information presented here is also applicable to Windows 2000 Professional.

Because Windows 2000 Server is used throughout this part and the remainder of this training kit, this part starts with a chapter on installing Windows 2000 Server. It then continues with information about various network protocols and services. Some of this information will be familiar to Windows NT professionals (such as Domain Name System [DNS], Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP], and Windows Internet Naming Service [WINS]); however, there are enough new features that each chapter deserves a decent review from even the most seasoned Windows NT 4 professional. New information, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Network Address Translations (NAT), and other features should be reviewed in detail.

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