This book is for experienced developers who want to write desktop or Web-based database applications in .NET. This book assumes you have some prior programming knowledge of an object-oriented programming language such as C++, Java, or Visual Basic; some basic concepts of database programming; and some experience with previous versions of Visual Studio (VS). This book also assumes you know the basic concepts of .NET and how to install it.

The following sections briefly introduce this book's chapters.

Chapter 1: "ADO.NET Basics"

This chapter provides you with a high-level overview of ADO.NET. This chapter covers the basics of ADO.NET, describes its advantages over current data access technologies, and briefly introduces ADO.NET classes and namespaces. It also shows you how to use ADO.NET classes and namespaces to write simple database applications using VS .NET (VS .NET). Finally, Microsoft VS .NET provides tremendous support for writing database applications in no time using its wizards and utilities. This chapter also briefly introduces ADO.NET components and how they fit in the model and work together.

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