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To uncles Banshi Lal and Rajbir Singh Malik for their support and guidance.

—Mahesh Chand

For Nadia whose patience has carried me through this book.

—David Talbot

About the Authors

Mahesh Chand is a Microsoft .NET consultant, an author, and the founder of C# Corner (, one of the leading online community for .NET (C#, VB .NET, and ASP.NET) developers. He has a master's degree in computer science and a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and he is a Microsoft Certified Professional in VC++. Mahesh is also the author of A Programmer's Guide to ADO.NET in C# (Apress, 2002).

David Talbot has worked in a variety of technologies including television set top boxes, license plate recognition, and scalable Web applications. He has written a number of articles concerning .NET technologies and has worked in various capacities on three books. He is currently working as a development manager in the New Business Technologies group at FreeMarkets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About the Technical Reviewer

Philip Pursglove is a developer with the Willis Group, based in Ipswich, United Kingdom. He has worked with every version of Visual Basic from 3.0 onward. Philip was one of the first developers in the UK to gain the Microsoft Certified Application Developer certification; he also holds the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification in addition to a degree in business information systems. Philip writes for Pinnacle Publishing's Hardcore Visual Basic and SQL Server Professional magazines, and he speaks at user group events in the UK. He maintains a Web site at and can be reached at <>.


First, I would like to thank Karen Watterson at Apress. I couldn't even think about finishing this book without her timely expert comments and motivation. Second, as always, project manager Tracy Brown Collins did a great job of managing the entire project so we could finish it within the time constraints. Without a technical reviewer, a book could never be published. Philip Pursglove did a good job of improving the technical aspect of the book. Thanks also to Kim Wimpsett, the copy editor, and Kari Brooks, the production manager, for their hard work and for giving the book a professional look.

—Mahesh Chand

I would like to thank Andy Harris for convincing me to write my first book.

—David Talbot

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