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applied building data-driven solutions
Applied ADO.NET: Building Data-Driven Solutions
by Mahesh Chand and David Talbot ISBN:1590590732
Apress 2003

This text provides extensive coverage of ADO.NET technology including ADO.NET internals, namespaces, classes, and interfaces, and takes a comprehensive look at XML namespaces and classes, and how to integrate both with ADO.NET.

Table of Contents
Applied ADO.NET—Building Data-Driven Solutions
Chapter 1 - ADO.NET Basics
Chapter 2 - Data Components in Visual Studio .NET
Chapter 3 - ADO.NET in Disconnected Environments
Chapter 4 - ADO.NET in Connected Environments
Chapter 5 - Handling ADO.NET Events
Chapter 6 - Integrating XML with ADO.NET
Chapter 7 - Data Binding and Windows Forms Data-Bound Controls
Chapter 8 - Constraints and Data Relations
Chapter 9 - ADO.NET Exception Handling
Chapter 10 - Working with the ODBC .NET Data Provider
Chapter 11 - Stored Procedures and Views
Chapter 12 - Oracle, SQLXML, and Other .NET Data Providers
Chapter 13 - Developing a Custom Data Provider
Chapter 14 - Developing Database Web Applications using ASP.NET
Chapter 15 - Using ADO.NET in Xml Web Services
Chapter 16 - ASP.NET Server Controls and Data Binding
Chapter 17 - Building Real-World Web Applications
Chapter 18 - Object-Relational Mapping in .NET
Chapter 19 - Mapped Objects: Performance Considerations and Data Binding
Chapter 20 - COM Interoperability and ADO.NET
Chapter 21 - Messaging
Chapter 22 - SQL Server and ADO.NET: Notes on Performance
Appendix A - Relational Databases: Some Basic Concepts
Appendix B - Commonly Used SQL Statements
Appendix C - ADO.NET Frequently Asked Questions
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