Exploring Web Services and the .NET Framework Library

The .NET Framework Class Library provides four namespaces that contain Web service classes. These namespaces are System.Web.Services, System.Web.Services.Description, System.Web.Services.Discovery, and System.Web.Services.Protocol.

The System.Web.Services namespace provides classes that enable you to build and use Web services. It has four classes. The WebService class defines the optional base class for Web services, which provides direct access to an ASP.NET application. Server, Session, User, and Context are some of its properties. WebMethodAttribute, WebServiceAttribute, and WebServiceBindingAttribute are other classes of this namespace.

The System.Web.Services.Description namespace provides classes that enable you to describe a WSDL.

The System.Web.Services.Discovery namespace provides classes that enable Web service consumers to locate a Web service through discovery.

The System.Web.Services.Protocols namespace provides classes that define the protocols used to transmit data between a client and a Web service.

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