showdb writes out a simple table displaying the names, contents, and available ways to access the sequence databases.

Display information on the currently available databases:

% showdb

Write out the display to a file:

% showdb -outfile showdb.out

Display information on one explicit database:

% showdb -database swissprot

Display information on the databases formatted for inclusion in HTML:

% showdb -html

Display protein databases only:

% showdb -nonucleic

Display the information with no headings:

% showdb -noheading

Display just a list of the available database names:

% showdb -noheading -notype -noid -noquery -noall -nocomment -auto

Display only the names and types:

% showdb -only -type

Optional qualifiers:

-database (string)

Name of a single database to give information on.

-html (boolean)

Format output as an HTML table.

-[no]protein (boolean)

Display protein databases.

-[no]nucleic (boolean)

Display nucleic acid databases.

-release (boolean)

Display "release" column.

-outfile (outfile)

If you enter the name of a file here, this program writes the database details into that file.

Advanced qualifiers:

-only (boolean)

This is a way of shortening the command line if you only want a few things to be displayed. Instead of specifying: -nohead -notype -noid -noquery -noall to get only the comment output, you can specify -only -comment.

-heading (boolean)

Display column headings.

-type (boolean)

Display "type" column.

-id (boolean)

Display "id" column.

-query (boolean)

Display "qry" column.

-all (boolean)

Display "all" column.

-comment (boolean)

Display "comment" column.

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