listor reads in two sets of sequences and writes out a list file (file of filenames) that result from the logical union of these two sets of sequences. It is a simple way of manipulating and editing lists or sets of sequences to produce a list file.

Here is a sample session with listor:

% listor file1 file1 Writes a list file of the logical OR of two sets of sequences Output file [outfile.list]:

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-firstset] (seqset)

Sequence set USA.

[-secondset] (seqset)

Sequence set USA.

[-outlist] (outfile)

The list of sequence names is written to this list file.

Optional qualifiers:

-operator (menu)

The following logical operators combine the sequences in the following ways:


gives all that occur in one set or the other.


gives only those which occur in both sets.


gives those which only occur in one set or the other, but not in both.


gives those which occur in the first set except for those that also occur in the second.

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