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valid XML document 
validate( ) method, RequestProcessor class 
validation  [See also Validator framework]
    business logic 
    number (example) 
        configuring your own 
        validate a boolean value (example) 
    shipping information, storefront application (example) 
validation-rules.xml file 
    configuring for Javascript 
    modifying for use outside of Struts 
validation.xml file 
    checkout form (example) 
validator element 
    classname attribute 
    depends attribute 
    jsFunction Name attribute 
    method attribute 
    methodParams attribute 
    msg attribute 
    name attribute 
    supported attributes 
Validator framework  2nd  3rd 
    ActionForm, using 
    custom tags 
    default values 
    installing and configuring 
    internationalization, and  2nd 
    JavaScript, using with 
    need for 
    plugging in the Validator 
    required packages 
    required validation rule 
    tag libraries, and 
    using outside of Struts 
    validation rules
        configuring your own 
        validate a boolean value (example) 
validator package 
validator-rules_1_1.dtd file 
ValidatorActionForm class  2nd 
ValidatorForm class 
ValidatorPlugIn class  2nd 
Value Object pattern  [See DTOs, pattern]
value objects  [See DTOs]
value-comparison tags, custom tags (Logic tag library) 
vertical box layout 
view components  2nd 
    Struts framework, within 
    view queries the model for state information (diagram) 
    within the web tier MVC pattern  [See MVC View]
volume testing 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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