Chapter 8. Comprehensive IOS Configuration for the ZIP Network


The Kuala-Lumpur Router

The SF-1 Router

The SF-2 Router

The SF-Core-1 Router

The SF-Core-2 Router

The San-Jose Router

The Seoul-1 Router

The Seoul-2 Router

The Singapore Router

The SingISDN Access Server

The Sing2511 Access Server

This chapter shows the complete IOS configuration commands for all routers and access servers on the ZIP network. The EXEC command show running-confg is used to display the current configuration commands on an IOS device.

When reviewing these configuration commands, note the following:

  • The ZIP network is running IOS software version 12.1. Some IOS configuration commands may not operate as described in earlier versions.

  • Some of the devices have unused interfaces because the number of interfaces required for ZIP network connectivity is less than the number of interfaces available as configured by Cisco.

  • The IOS configuration commands do not appear in an IOS device in the order in which you enter them into the device.

  • An IOS device separates some major configuration command segments with the exclamation point (!) character. All characters following an exclamation point on a given line in a configuration file are not interpreted by an IOS device.

  • All routers in the ZIP network are using EIGRP routing for IP, AppleTalk, and IPX.

  • The ZIP network devices use a combination of TACACS+ and RADIUS for authentication, authorization, and accounting.

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