Chapter 4. TCPIP Basics


Chapter 4. TCP/IP Basics

TCP/IP Addressing ” Fundamentals of the address structure and the network classes of the IP protocol.

Configuring IP Addresses ” Overview of selecting and organizing an address space. Also gives address configuration examples for different LAN and WAN types.

IP Routing Configuration ” Basics of routing configuration, including static routes, classless routing, summary and default routes, and related show commands.

Configuring IP Routing Protocols ” Characteristics of the major dynamic routing protocols, and basic configuration examples for each. In addition, the distribute-list , passive-interface , and no auto-summary commands are introduced.

Configuring IP Filtering via Access Lists ” How to control network access and security through the use of the access-list , ip access list , and access- group commands.

Configuring Basic IP Dialup Services ” How to configure remote access for asynchronous and ISDN connections.

Verifying IP Connectivity and Troubleshooting ” How to identify connectivity problems through the use of the show , ping , trace , and debug commands.

Configuring Other IP Options ” Configuration examples for domain name services, broadcast forwarding, IOS DHCP Server, and Hot Standby Router Protocol.

In this chapter, we examine the configuration and setup of the popular Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, commonly referred to as TCP/IP, for Cisco IOS devices. Developed in the mid-1970s as a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project to provide nationwide communication services to research facilities and universities, TCP/IP has emerged as the de facto protocol standard for networking dissimilar computer systems.

This chapter begins with a brief overview of some fundamentals of TCP/IP, including addressing, network classes, and organization of your network's address space. However, the focus of this chapter is on configuring TCP/IP for the Cisco IOS. For a more comprehensive treatment of TCP/IP, we recommend that you consult one of several good volumes currently available (see the "References" section at the end of this chapter).

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