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SA (Selective Availability), turning on/off  2nd 
SAFER+ algorithm (Secure and Fast Encryption Routine) 
safety issues when Wardriving 
satellites, earth-orbiting 
scan speed of NetStumbler, configuring 
scattering radio waves 
SD (Secure Digital) cards for Bluetooth 
SDAP (Service Discovery Application Profile) 
Secure Digital cards for Bluetooth 
Secure Shell (SSH) protocol  2nd 
    of access points 
    Bluetooth technology and 
    firewalls and  2nd 
    infrared technology and 
    SSH (Secure Shell) protocol  2nd 
    VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) 
    wireless networks  2nd 
security modes for Bluetooth devices 
Selective Availability (SA), turning on/off  2nd 
Serial Infrared (SIR) 
Serial Port Profile  2nd 
serial ports
    adjusting allocations for 
    installing GPS devices 
Service Discovery Application Profile (SDAP) 
service profiles, Bluetooth 
Service Set Identifier  [See SSID]
setup wizard for D-Link DI-714P+ 
Shamir, Adi 
shared static keys, security problems with 
SHF (Super High Frequency) band 
Short Message Service messages  [See SMS messages]
Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 
    Venturi compression software included with 
Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 
signal strength
    displaying graphically 
    link quality and 
signal-to-noise ratio for access points, displaying 
signs/logos of WISPs 
SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards 
    configuring GPRS access 
    GPRS modems and 
sine waves representing radio waves 
SIR (Serial Infrared) 
Site Survey page in AirPlus utility 
site surveys, finding wireless networks using 
Smart Display (Microsoft)  2nd 
SMS (Short Message Service) messages 
    increasing performance with 
    inputting text on mobile phones 
    messaging on Nokia D211 
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitoring 
Socket CF Bluetooth adapters 
software for GPS 
Sony Ericsson
    Bluetooth-capable phones 
    Ericsson and 
    GM29 devices 
    GM47/GM48 devices 
    P800 mobile phones 
    T68i mobile phones 
        connecting to Internet using 
        pairing with computers 
        supporting GPRS for data access 
spam filters, increasing performance with 
special-use IP addresses 
spectrum of radio frequencies  2nd 
Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping technique (Bluetooth) 
Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) 
Sprint AirPrime PC3200 card 
    PCS Connection Manager and 
Sprint PCS Vision network
    activating AirPrime PC3200 
    CDMA2000 used on 
    compression capabilities of 
SSH (Secure Shell) protocol  2nd 
SSID (Service Set Identifier) 
    ad-hoc networks and 
    changing default 
    disabling broadcast of  2nd 
    disabling broadcast of, as security feature 
        problems with 
    MAC address filtering and 
    multiple access points, setting up 
    noncryptographic authentication scheme and 
    Wireless Zero Configuration and 
SST (Spread Spectrum Technology) 
standalone GPS receivers 
static IP addresses 
static keys, security problems with sharing 
Streets and Trips package (Microsoft) 
subnet masks 
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards 
    configuring GPRS access 
    GPRS modems and 
Super High Frequency (SHF) band 
supernet addressing 
supplicants (clients using 802.1X) 
Surf and Sip hotspots 
Symbol Spectrum24 chipset 
Synchronization Profile 

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