Graphics Tools




Adobe Photoshop (M, W)

$650. Excellent, all-purpose image editing program.Version CS2 includes Image-Ready, Adobe's Web graphics program demo available

Adobe Photoshop Elements (M, W)

$80. A remarkably robust, consumer-end version of the excellent Adobe Photoshop


Macromedia Fireworks

$300. A specialized graphics program for creating Web images demo available

Macromedia Flash

Basic: $400; Professional: $700. For creating Web animations. demo available

Paint Shop Pro (W)

$80. Corel. (Previously a software program from Jasc Software.) Image editing program for Windows. demo available

GraphicConverter (M)

$30. Thorsten Lemke's image editor for Macintosh. Reads and writes an incredible array of graphics formats, including Progressive JPEG, GIF89a (Animated), etc. demo available

LView Pro (W)

$40. Popular shareware graphics program.

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