Validating a Feed

You can use an online validator to check the syntax of your feed and make sure you haven't made any typographical or syntactic errors.

Figure 25.20. The Open Source FEED Validator is a valuable tool for finding errors in your RSS (and Atom) feeds. Just type in your URL and click Validate.

To validate a feed:


Upload your feed to your server.


Open your browser and point it at


Type in your feed's URL.


Make any corrections necessary until your feed validates.


  • I highly recommend using a validator to check that your feed is properly written before you make it public or submit it to iTunes.

    Figure 25.21. The FEED Validator will notify you of any problems it finds. Fix them, upload the feed again, and then click Validate again.

  • You can also test a podcast to see if it works properly in iTunes by choosing Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast (in iTunes) and then entering the feed's URL. It is not necessary to submit the podcast to iTunes beforehand (as described on the next page). Indeed, it's a good idea to test if your podcast works with iTunes before submitting it for inclusion in the iTunes Music Store.

    Figure 25.22. Once you get the lovely "Congratulations!" message that your feed is valid, you're ready to publicize your feed.

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