Submitting a Podcast to iTunes

Once you have created your RSS feed for your podcast, you can submit it to iTunes for inclusion in the iTunes Music Store.

To submit a podcast to iTunes:


Go to the iTunes Music Store (by clicking Music Store in iTunes) and then choose Podcasts in the Inside the Music Store list (Figure 25.23).

Figure 25.23. Click Podcasts in the Inside the Music Store list in iTunes.


Select Submit a Podcast in the new Inside the Music Store list (Figure 25.24).

Figure 25.24. Then click Submit a Podcast in the new menu that appears.


Enter the URL of your RSS feed in the box that appears and click Submit.


You will have to log in to your Apple account, or create one if you don't have one. (It's free.)


Wait a few days for Apple to check your feed and decide whether or not to accept your podcast.


  • You'll have better luck getting accepted at iTunes if you use the iTunes elements as described on the preceding pages.

  • Before you submit your feed, make sure it validates (see page 392)

  • Make sure your podcast episodes are uploaded to a public server and that they work properly when you type their URL directly in a browser or media player.

  • You can publish multimedia-rich podcasts to iTunes, but not text-only ones. Publish text-based RSS feeds on your own site (see page 394).

  • To remove a podcast from the iTunes Music Store, click the Report a Concern link in the podcast's Description area.

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