Scaling a QuickTime Movie

You can adjust the size of a QuickTime movie in the (X)HTML code.

To scale a QuickTime movie:

Within each object element, type <param name="scale" value="factor" />, where factor is:

tofit, if you want the movie to be reduced or expanded to fit its box.

Or aspect, if you want the movie to be reduced or expanded to fit its box while maintaining its original proportions.

Or n, where n is the number with which the original height and width of the movie will be multiplied to get the final height and width.

Figure 18.20. I've made the movie smaller by a scale of .7.


  • You may wish to also adjust the height and width of the movie's box (see page 286).

  • The scale parameter changes the size of the movie, not the size of the movie's box, which you specified with the height and width attributes. If you use a numerical scale factor and the box is too small or too big, the movie will be cropped, or empty space will appear around the movie (Figure 18.21).

    Figure 18.21. The movie is reduced to 70% of its original size, but notice how the movie's box is still controlled by the width and height attributes which I haven't changed.

  • If you make the box smaller than the movie, the scale parameter gives you control over how the movie should be adjusted to fit. If you don't specify the scale parameter, the movie is simply cropped.

  • If you're using two object elements (as I recommend), remember to add the param elements to both.

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