Changing the Movie s Background Color

Changing the Movie's Background Color

When we reduced the size of the movie on the previous page, its background became visible (and ugly). You can change the background color to make it more attractive (or to make it disappear).

Figure 18.22. The bgcolor attribute is only used if the movie is smaller than the height and width you've specified.

To change the movie's background color:

Within each object element, type <param name="bgcolor" value="color" />, where color is one of the sixteen predefined values or a hexadecimal representation of a color (see page 126 and the inside back cover).

Figure 18.23. Now the background is bright yellow instead of dull gray. I think it's an improvement.


  • To get rid of the background altogether, either adjust the height and width so they match the size of the movie or match the background to the page's background color.

  • If you make the frame just slightly larger than the movie, the bgcolor can look like an attractive border.

  • If you're using two object elements (as I recommend), remember to add the param elements to both.

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