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  Table of Contents
Learn JavaScript In a Weekend
By Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.
Publisher : Premier Press
Pub Date : 2003
ISBN : 1-59200-086-X
Pages : 472
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      What This Book Is About
      Who Should Read This Book?
      What You Need to Begin
      How This Book Is Organized
      Special Features of This Book
    Chapter FRIDAY EVENING.  Introducing JavaScript and JScript
      Introducing JavaScript and JScript
      What Kinds of Things Can You Do with JavaScript and JScript?
      A Little History Lesson
      JavaScript and Browser Compatibility
      Integrating JavaScript with HTML
      JavaScript and Case Sensitivity
      Different Ways to Integrate JavaScript into Your HTML Pages
      Taking a Break
      Introducing JScript
      What's Next?
    Chapter SATURDAY MORNING.  Learning the Basics of JavaScript Coding
      A Few Words about Scripting
      Working with Values
      Take a Break
      JavaScript and JScript Statements
      Streamlining Your Scripts with Functions
      Using Arrays
      Object-Based Programming
      Working with Built-In Objects
      What's Next?
    Chapter SATURDAY AFTERNOON.  Using JavaScript to Build Better Web Pages
      Working with Browser-Based Objects
      A Brief Overview of Browser Object Models
      Browser Objects
      Creating Custom Objects
      Handling Events
      Take a Break
      Using JavaScript to Manage Frames
      Using JavaScript to Manage Forms
      What's Next?
    Chapter SATURDAY EVENING.  Doing Really Cool Things with Your Web Pages
      Controlling the Status Bar
      Improving Browser Navigation
      Taking Advantage of Dialog Boxes
      Take a Break
      Working with Different Types of Browsers
      Other Neat Stuff
      Basic Graphics and Animation
      What's Next?
    Chapter SUNDAY MORNING.  Advanced JavaScript Coding
      Baking JavaScript Cookies
      Debugging Your JavaScripts
      Take a Break
      Overview of the On-line Bookmall Web Site
      Crafting the Index Page
      The Featured Book
      Navigating the Bookmall
      Finishing the Bookmall
      Receiving Customer E-Mail
      What's Next?
    Chapter SUNDAY AFTERNOON.  Learning How to Use JScript and the WSH
      An Overview of the WSH Object Model
      JScript Runtime Objects
      Take a Break
      Working with the Windows File System
      Opening and Closing Files
      Creating Report and Log Files
      Processing File Contents
      Administering Files and Folders
      What's Next?
    Chapter SUNDAY EVENING.  Using JScript to Automate Windows Tasks
      Automating Windows Desktop Tasks
      Executing Windows Commands
      Working with Networks and Network Resources
      Taking a Break
      Interacting with the Windows Registry and Application Event Log
      Automating Script Execution
      What's Next?
    What's on the Web Site?
      Integrating JavaScript with HTML
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Learn JavaScript In a Weekend
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