Chapter 5. Getting Your Stuff into iDVD

Now that you've planned your project whether you're documenting your brother's wedding, reliving your vacation to the depths of Death Valley, or putting together instructional materials for co-workers it's time to start making your own unique DVD. In this chapter, I'll show you how to deal with situations that the quick tutorial in Chapter 3, "Introduction to Making DVDs," didn't cover and I'll show you how to turn your DVD into a highly customized project you will truly be proud of.

The first step, even before you open iDVD, is to collect your assets (images and video for now; I'll cover everything you need to know about sound in Chapter 7, "Adding Audio"). Make sure your files are in the right format, and map out where you want your slideshows and movies to go in your DVD.

After we take a quick look at each of these steps, the excitement begins importing your masterpieces into iDVD.

Don't worry about putting a pretty face on your DVD. Yet. You're going to get to make that DVD look just the way you want in Chapter 6, "Working with Menus and Buttons."

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