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calendar command 
cap_mkdb command 
capturing packets 
Carosone, Daniel 
case of characters, translating 
cd command 
CD-ROMs, mounting 
Cerias FTP site (cracker dictionaries) 
cgd(4) devices 
cgdconfig program 
chflags command 
chmod command 
chroot support for scponly 
ClamAV utility 
clamav.conf file 
clamd command 
clamdscan command 
clamscan command 
CLASSPATH environment variable 
Client Daemon (Bacula) 
    installing client-only version of Bacula 
clipboard, managing 
ClusterIt tool 
    noninteractive commands, testing 
code examples, permission for using 
col command  2nd 
colors, adding to terminals 
command history 
    retrieving previously issued commands 
command line
    w3m browser for 
command-line Console (Bacula)  2nd 
    adding to code using # (hash mark) 
    adding to source code 
    in manpages 
    removing from source code 
    in source code, reading 
compiling software, optimizing 
compressed archives
    without intermediate files 
configuration files
    for Apache 
    for Bacula 
    for cgd devices, modifying 
    customizing for kernels 
    default files for users 
    safely merging changes to 
    for sudo utility 
connectivity failure, surviving 
console messages
    from headless systems 
        over remote logins 
consolidating web server logs 
copier process 
copying interactively 
copyright information, changing 
core files, limiting size of 
core X distribution, utilities that come with 
cp command 
    vs. mv/rm commands 
CPU information in kernel configuration files 
CPU_WT_ALLOC option 
crack (dictionary password cracker) 
crackers, password, preventing with Blowfish 
Crandall, Aaron 
cron utility
    access restriction rules 
    making more user friendly 
    using with quickpatch 
    rsnapshot, scheduling 
    scheduling backups 
cross-platform backups 
crossword-puzzle solver 
cryptographic disasters, preventing 
cryptographic disk devices 
.cshrc files
    adding color to terminals 
    adding key bindings to 
    dot.cshrc file and 
    locking terminals 
    making prompts more useful  2nd 
    phase of the moon, displaying 
    receiving daily fortunes 
    seeing trivia at login or logout 
    setting shell variables 
    using trash command 
CTM, keeping ports up-to-date with 
cu command 
current time, displaying 
custom packages, creating 
    default boot menu 
CVS, anonymous 
cvsup process
    automating updates 
    editing /usr/src/share/skel/Makefile file 
    etcmerge utility and 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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