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daemons, running without root permissions 
daily_clean_disks script 
daily_clean_preserve script 
daily_clean_tmps script 
DarwinPorts project, installing Unix applications on Mac OS X 
debugger, GNU, analyzing buffer overflows 
debugging regular expressions 
decompressing files 
default ACLs, setting 
default configuration files 
default shell for FreeBSD 
deleted files, sending to trash directory 
delimited files and double quotation marks 
demos for trade shows, creating 
    checking before uninstalling applications 
    of ports, checking for 
deploying images 
DESTDIR variable (pkg_comp) 
/dev/console file 
devices in kernel configuration files 
devinfo command 
/dev/null, using with find command 
df command  2nd 
dhclient command  2nd 
dhclient.conf file 
DHCP clients/servers
    configuring multiple wireless networks 
    spoofing MAC addresses 
DHCP server configuration  2nd 
Diablo Java packages 
dial filter rules 
    improving your 
    password, customizing 
dictionary password cracker 
diff command 
dig (domain information groper) utility, locating DNS information 
Director Daemon (Bacula) 
    maintaining synchronized copies of 
    protecting files with flags 
    recreating structures with mtree 
disk hogs, dealing with 
disk space used by ports, checking 
disklabel command 
display filters and tcpdump 
DISTRIBDIR variable (pkg_comp) 
distributed command execution using tentakel 
dmesg command  2nd 
    deciphering tcpdump output 
    finding names of SMTP servers 
    finding server addresses 
    problems with sendmail and mail queues 
    providing security for 
    split DNS approach 
    testing servers 
    understanding DNS entries 
    zone transfers, controlling tightly 
documentation for FreeBSD 
documents, extracting text using grep 
DOS floppies  [See floppies]
dot.cshrc file 
dot.login file 
dot.login_conf file 
dot.logout file 
dot.mail_aliases file 
dot.mailrc file 
dot.profile file 
dot.rhosts file 
dot.shrc file 
dot.xinitrc file 
Dotzler, Asa 
double quotation marks and delimited files 
Dowdeswell, Roland C. 
downgrading ports 
downloading and untarring archives 
du command 
dummynet command  2nd 
dump command 
    deciphering tcpdump output 
duplicate line feeds, removing 
dvt (distributed virtual terminal) command 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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