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SCSL (Sun Community Source License) 
    Attachment B 
    commerical use supplement 
    Community Members
        rights granted by 
    Dispute Resolution 
    distributing software  2nd 
    Error Corrections 
    intellectual property rights 
    most important distinction 
    non-commercial restrictions 
    object code 
    patent litigation proceedings 
    posting of Covered Code on Community Members' own sites 
        for Sun to issue modified versions of license 
        standard in commercial contracts 
        standard in commercial licenses 
        termination of 
    Section I (Definitions) 
        "Community Code" 
        "Community Member" 
        "Contributed Code Specifications" 
        "Contributed Code" 
        "Covered Code" 
        "Error Corrections" 
        "Original Contributor" 
        "Reference Code" 
        "Research Use" 
        "Shared Modifications" 
        "Technology Site" 
        "Technology Specifications" 
    Section II (Purpose) 
    Section III (Research Use Rights) 
        Contributed Code 
        From Original Contributor 
        No Implied Licenses 
    Section IV (Restrictions and Community Responsibilities) 
        Distribution Requirements 
        Source Code Availability 
    Section V (General Terms) 
        Disclaimer Of Warranties 
        Infringement; Limitation Of Liability 
        International Use 
        License Versions 
    standard term in open source and free software licenses 
    student acknowledgment 
    Technology Site 
    terms in 
shrinkwrap licenses  2nd  3rd  4th 
software created for in-house use and GPL 
software development using open source and free software licenses 
    choosing open source or free software license 
    drafting open source licenses 
    models of 
software publishing 
source code
    definition of in GPL 
SSL-enabled Stronghold 
Stallman, Richard 
Stronghold, SSL-enabled 
subroutine libraries 
Sun Community Source License  [See SCSL]


Open Source and Free Software Licensing
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
ISBN: 0596005814
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 78

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