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lawyers, selecting when drafting open source licenses 
legal impacts of open source and free software licensing 
    contracts  [See contracts]
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)  2nd 
    capital-L "Library" 
    change in licensing from LGPL to GPL 
    combining with libraries outside LGPL 
    derivative works 
    distinctions between three different types of work 
    distinguishing between what is a "work based on the Library" and what is a "work that uses the Libra 
    distributing a modified version of "work that uses the Library" 
    distribution of source code 
    fundamental premises 
    instructions on how to implement 
    limitations on licensed libraries' use of tables 
    Section 0  2nd 
    Section 1 
    Section 2 
    Section 2(a) 
    Section 2(b) 
    Section 2(c) 
    Section 2(d) 
    Section 2, last three paragraphs 
    Section 3 
    Section 4 
    Section 5 
    Section 6 
    Section 6(a) 
    Section 6(b) 
    Section 7 
    Section 8 
    Section 9 
    Sections 10 through 16 
    Sections 6(c-e) 
    situations in which LGPL may be favored 
    small-l "library" 
    source code definition 
    source code of the Library 
    specific qualities of libraries 
    upgrading license to GPL 
    work that uses the Library 
libraries, subroutine 
Library General Public License 
    Academic Free  [See Academic Free License]
    accepting terms of 
    Apache  [See Apache License]
    BSD  [See BSD License]
    classic proprietary  [See classic proprietary licenses]
    commercial versus open source 
    compatible and incompatible 
    Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs  [See Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License]
    decreasing forking with 
    example of violating 
    GPL  [See GPL]
    LGPL  [See LGPL]
    MIT  [See MIT License]
    MPL  [See MPL]
    negotiating power and terms of 
    research-style  2nd 
    shrinkwrap  2nd 
    templates for 
    X  [See MIT License]
limitations imposed by licenses 
    Academic Free License  2nd 
    Apache License Version 2.0 
    BSD License 
    classic proprietary licenses 
    Commons Deed for the Attribution-;ShareAlike License Version 2.0 
    Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License 
    GPL License 
    MIT License 
    acceleration of development of 
    cross-licensing and 
    kernel, development of 


Open Source and Free Software Licensing
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
ISBN: 0596005814
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 78

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