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merger clauses  2nd 
Microsoft Shared Source Initiative 
MIT Kerberos security 
MIT License 
    as research-style license 
    difference between BSD License and 
    limitations imposed by 
    restrictions on licensees  2nd 
Mozilla Public License  [See MPL]
MPL (Mozilla Public License)  2nd  3rd  4th 
    Commercial Use 
    derivative works 
    differences with GPL and LGPL 
    distributing Original Code with Modifications or as part of a Larger Work 
    Exhibit A -Mozilla Public License 
    limitation of patent rights 
    patent laws and infringements 
    provisions typical in commercial contracts 
    Section 1 (Definitions) 
        "Commercial Use" 
        "Contributor Version" 
        "Covered Code" 
        "Electronic Distribution Mechanism" 
        "Initial Developer" 
        "Larger Work" 
        "Original Code" 
        "Patent Claims" 
        "Source Code" 
        "You" (or "Your") 
    Section 2 (Source Code License) 
        Section 2.1 (Initial Developer Grant) 
        Section 2.2 (Contributor Grant) 
    Section 3 (Distribution Obligations) 
        Section 3.1 (Application of License) 
        Section 3.2 (Availability of Source Code) 
        Section 3.3 (Description of Modifications) 
        Section 3.4 (Intellectual Property Matters) 
        Section 3.5 (Required Notices) 
        Section 3.6 (Distribution of Executable Versions) 
        Section 3.7 (Larger Works) 
    Section 4 (Inability to Comply Due to Statute or Regulation) 
    Section 5 (Application of this License) 
    Section 6 (Versions of the License) 
    Section 7 (Disclaimer of Warranty) 
    Section 8 (Termination) 
    Section 9 (Limitation of Liability) 
    Section 10 (U.S. Government End Users) 
    Section 11 (Miscellaneous) 
    Section 12 (Responsibility for Claims) 
    Section 13 (Multiple-Licensed Code) 
    similarities to Apache License Version 2.0 
    source code, differences between Definitions in other licenses 
music royalties 
musical compositions copyright 
mutual consent (contracts) 


Open Source and Free Software Licensing
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
ISBN: 0596005814
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 78

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